We're unique - we're patent & trade marks attorneys with an in-house idea consultancy to help take your ideas to the world. We're also the only firm in Australia where all patent and trade mark attorneys have experience not only in private practice but have also served as in-house intellectual property counsel in multinational corporations. For this reason, we have unique insights into what it's like being a customer and which is why we have a relentless focus on overwhelming our customers with outstanding service.

We work with a wide network of hand-picked associates in global jurisdictions, so we can ensure that your idea is protected far and wide in the most cost effective manner possible.

We're here to help support you not only by protecting your idea initially, but to work with you in ensuring that your ideas go as far as possible towards becoming a reality. We do this by working with some of the best minds out there and also by giving you advice on how to leverage your protected ideas, inventions, concepts, brands, and other forms of intellectual property.

Our startup clients frequently find that working with us becomes the launchpad for not only making their idea a reality, but for launching their new business. There's no better business than one in which the intellectual property, the most valuable part of the business, is protected. It's always a wise decision to make sure your ideas are locked down before you launch, because then you can launch with confidence, scale harder faster, and build a lasting business which can provide you with sales income, licensing income, and patent sale income.