We assume that you have done your own broad Internet searching using keywords. This is not enough. More than 80% of information published in patent documents is not published anywhere else. This means that a patent search is near-essential to ensuring that you don’t waste your money on filing a patent which gets knocked out by prior patents. Do not assume that a patent search is included in the price of a patent – always ask.

We are experts in patent searching and can offer you either a patent search, or our patent writing services, or a combination of the two, which is usually cheaper. We can discuss the conducting of c ursory, fixed cost patent searches to provide you with background information of what has been patented before in your field. These searches need not be very expensive in order to provide you with an indication for what has been patented before.

Should you wish to proceed with the patenting process, we can, once we have received a full deposit from you, prepare a patent specification for the invention. The patent specification will, upon completion, be forwarded to you for approval. When you are satisfied that the patent specification is complete, we then file the actual patent application containing the patent specification, technical drawings, summary of the invention, disclosure of detailed embodiments of the invention, discussion of the drawings, and patent claims, at the Patent Office.

Only after we have confirmed that the patent application has in fact been filed at the Patent Office can you disclose your invention without destroying the rights to your patent. Keep in mind that the patenting of your invention is no guarantee of its commercial success – you are responsible for that, not your patent.


The patent is a strategic business tool and it should be used in the right way: to attract funding, to alert competitors, and to give you the confidence that your product has been protected. In addition, you may also wish to obtain design protection (for the “look” of your concept, irrespective of how it works), or protect your company- or product name with a registered trademark.

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