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Patent, design registration and trade mark services for businesses, innovators and creators in Australia and across the world.

We help you with the legal protections that safeguard your ideas and creations.

When the changemakers, ideas people and problem-solving experts work their magic, people pay attention. New innovations, new brands, new products, new business ideas, new inventions and new ways of doing things can make huge ripples in big and small ponds alike. But how do you prevent others from taking these ideas and using them for themselves? You establish your Intellectual Property rights. Yesterday.

IP can take many forms, and gives you control of your big ideas, innovations, and ‘products of mind’, turning your brilliance into saleable commodities and safeguarding the ‘secret sauce’ which gives you an edge. The timing of this protection is crucial, in order to establish the protection of IP rights in time to create and maintain the competitive edge your innovations give you.

Patenteur provides businesses and individuals with legal expertise in Intellectual Property protection to turn ideas into investable commodities.

Our IP legal services

Legal advice and assistance on patents, from idea reviews, answers, ideation, legal guidance and advice on patents, to patent applications and national and international patent prosecution.

Legal advice and services related to trade marks and trade mark registrations.

Legal guidance on protecting the look of your new product.

We’re specialists and innovators.

At Patenteur, we’re an intellectual property law firm that specialises in patents, designs and trade marks.

With more than 20 years of experience and specialisation in Intellectual Property Law, our clients benefit from extensive legal knowledge and experience in IP.

We’re also innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, personally dedicated to helping you with the protection and safeguards you need to truly succeed in the business and empire you are building. We’ve been on your side of the table, being clients of IP attorneys ourselves, so we have a real-world understanding of what makes a great IP attorney.

Establishing IP in Australia & across the world

Based in Brisbane & Perth.

With offices on either side of the country in Perth and Brisbane, we service innovators and businesses in Australia and all across the world.

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Why Intellectual Property Protection matters.

Why choose Patenteur over other IP attorneys?

Real-world Intellectual Property experience

Something that sets us apart is the fact that we’ve not just worked in a private practice legal firm environment, but we’ve worked in the real world of Intellectual Property law as innovators and clients of other IP attorneys. With 20+ years of experience in the IP field with real-world experience, you’ll benefit from working with an IP law firm that is highly experienced and knowledgeable, with keen insights and advice that serves the practical rather than the theoretical.

Every client receives director attention

At Patenteur, every client and every matter receive dedicated attention from a director and decision-maker in our firm. This means that every client that works with us benefits from extensive and specialist legal experience in the field.

We’re experienced IP attorneys and innovators ourselves

We are a law firm that specialises in Intellectual Property law. Our attorneys have decades of experience under our belts. But what makes us different is that we’re also entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners. So we understand what is important to businesses, entrepreneurs, management teams and executives.

We’re people too, and we act like it

We’re not quite sure how to say this, but we’ve been told by many clients over the years that they love how likeable and not-self-important we are (versus what they thought to expect from experienced attorneys). We’ll take it.

Most importantly, we see your success as our success

Patenteur has always been a legal practice that’s based on a relational approach rather than a transactional one. We truly care about the success of each and every one of our clients, as their success inherently becomes ours.

About our director

Neal Schutte, founding director at Patenteur.

Neal is our founding director Patenteur, and has a wealth of experience in Intellectual Property law. With more than 20 years of experience in various aspects of Intellectual Property, Neal is a multi-jurisdictional patent and trade mark attorney. Prior to founding Patenteur, Neal established successful local and international legal practices, including within one of Australia’s premier national IP firms. Neal also has substantial experience in in-house innovation counsel roles, including managing the IP portfolio of the world’s second largest global mining company (ASX:RIO), driving the direction of and providing commercial advice for a number of Australian technology companies, and providing IP consulting to European and Asian advisory and technology firms.

An IP generalist, Neal is particularly skilled in patent law, including patent drafting and prosecution, portfolio analyses and opinions, freedom to operate studies, negotiations and IP agreements, patent portfolio strategy & management, as well as contentious proceedings. Neal has also been published in a number of IP publications.

Neal is involved in every case that we look after at Patenteur, meaning every one of our clients benefits from his 20+ years of specialist legal IP experience and knowledge.

What our clients have to say.

Book an initial consultation now to protect your competitive edge

If you’d like to learn more or get things started to get the protection of Intellectual Property rights to safeguard your uniqueness, the first step is to book an initial consultation appointment with us.


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Book an initial consultation now to protect your competitive edge

If you’d like to learn more or get things started to get the protection of Intellectual Property rights to safeguard your uniqueness, the first step is to book an initial consultation appointment with us.