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Learn more about Patenteur and how Neal Schutte can protect your business idea.
Neal Schutte is an award winning patent attorney with firms located in both Australian cities, Perth and Brisbane.

Neal is a technophile and entrepreneur and has more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of intellectual property. He’s a multi-jurisdictional patent and trade mark attorney with a background in electrical engineering and power electronics.

Prior to founding Patenteur, he established successful practices at law firms overseas and locally, including at Australia’s premier national IP firm. He also has substantial experience as in-house innovation counsel, including managing the IP portfolio of the world’s second largest global mining company, Rio Tinto. During his time at Rio Tinto, the company was awarded the Thomson Reuters 2012 Australian Innovation Award, which is judged on patent quality, success rate, globalisation, and influence.

Neal’s experience also includes driving the IP direction and providing commercial advice for a number of Australian technology companies, as well as consulting to European and Asian advisory and technology firms.

An IP generalist, Neal is particularly skilled in patent law, including patent drafting and prosecution, portfolio analyses and opinions, freedom to operate studies, negotiations and IP agreements, patent portfolio strategy & management, as well as contentious proceedings. Neal has also been published in a number of IP publications.

Neal Schutte

Patenteur Founder & Director

What Makes
Patenteur Different?

Patenteur is utterly unique in the market - we’re entrepreneurs and innovators helping like-minded people reach their own innovation goals. Our professionals all started their careers in large law firms, after which we decided to practice what we preach by venturing outside the confines of private practice and into the real-world commercial space. We have experience ranging from in-house counsel to the S&P/ASX 20, as IP consultants to some of the largest research and academic institutions, to top-tier private practice, to running our own businesses.


We felt that the traditional patent attorney model was broken, so we decided to re-invent it. Although we’re more than qualified to act as the usual clinical advisors giving ivory tower legal advice, we offer our clients what they really want – real-world advice at reasonable prices. As entrepreneurs that have walked the same path, we believe in getting you the most protection for your money, which is why we offer fixed prices and hassle-free patent protection for your great ideas.

We provide a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere in which we take the time to get to know you, your aspirations, your vibe, and your plans for the future. Then we build a plan which will bulletproof every single aspect of your business and ideas.


Speak to us about your overseas protection requirements. We have spent considerable time building our network of like-minded foreign patent associates and we can file foreign patent applications in your countries of interest at very competitive rates.

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