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Design Registrations

Protect your unique designs with registration services

Your designs are an important part of your brand identity. Protect them from imitation and misuse and maintain your competitive edge. At Patenteur, we offer comprehensive design registration services to safeguard your unique creations. Our experienced IP lawyers are here to guide you through the process, making it straightforward and effective.

Here's why

Design registration is important.

Registering your designs provides legal protection, preventing others from copying or using your designs without permission. Not only does this secure your creative assets, but it also enhances your brand’s reputation and market position. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, securing design registrations is essential for long-term success.

The statistics show that companies who protect their intellectual property with design registrations are generally more successful than those who don’t.

We give you comprehensive design registration advice

Navigating the intricacies of design registrations can be complex. At Patenteur, we make it simple. Our team provides comprehensive advice that’s personalised to you and your business’ unique needs, ensuring your designs are fully protected. From understanding what can be registered to developing effective registration strategies, we cover every aspect of the process. We conduct thorough searches to confirm the uniqueness of your design, prepare detailed reports on potential conflicts, and offer strategic guidance to create a strong application that stands on its own.

It's our goal to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to protect your creative assets effectively, securing your competitive edge in the market.

A strategic approach to design registrations

At Patenteur, we take a strategic approach to registering your designs, ensuring that every step is carefully planned and executed to maximise your brand’s protection. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your designs and business objectives. We then conduct comprehensive searches to confirm the uniqueness of your design and identify any potential conflicts. Based on our research, we’ll provide actionable advice and develop a tailored strategy to navigate the registration process smoothly. Whether it involves modifying your design or exploring alternative registration options, we aim to safeguard your creative assets effectively. With our expert guidance, you can be confident that your designs are well-protected and positioned for long-term success.

Why choose Patenteur?

Real-world intellectual property experience

We're not just experienced in registering designs. We've been where you are, too. It gives us comprehensive experience to base our advice to you on.

Director attention for every client​

When you team up with Patenteur, you'll deal directly with our director, who will offer you advice, strategy and support in registering your design.

Experienced IP lawyers and innovators​

We're innovators ourselves. When you come to us for your design registration, we have direct entrepreneurial experience to base our advice on. We really love sharing in your experience and using our own to further your business.

We’re people too, and we act like it

We're approachable and down to earth. It's positive feedback we've received time and time again from our clients. We're approachable and we make registering your design a simple and straightforward process.

Your success is our success​

When you succeed, we succeed. We're here for you and we make your success our priority. Our clients are innovators and changemakers and we love getting to help you take your ideas further.

You need to protect your intellectual property

The statistics show that companies who invest in the protection of their intellectual property enjoy better success and more resilience than those who don’t. 

It’s not just essential to your success, though. Under the Corporations Act 2001, Company Directors have a statutory and fiduciary duty to protect the Intellectual Property of their company, and to not infringe on others’ IP rights.

Australian businesses with IP rights account for:

Brisbane, Perth & all across the globe

With offices in Brisbane and Perth, we’re well-placed to help Australian businesses with their design registration needs. Our services extend globally, providing expert legal support to clients around the world.

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