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We help changemakers, ideas people & problem-solvers safeguard your creations.

At Patenteur, we’re Intellectual Property Lawyers, but we don’t fit the typical lawyer mould. The best part of our job? Meeting innovators with big and exciting ideas and helping you protect them to keep your competitive edge.

We understand that the legal side of innovation can be dense and difficult to navigate. That’s why Patenteur is a friendly team dedicated to helping innovators worldwide navigate the legal fine print involved in patenting, trade marking, or registering designs.

With offices in Brisbane and Perth, we help people like you work your magic all over Australia and across the globe.

In the world of innovation and changemaking, our clients often aren’t sure exactly what they need. We simplify the legal jargon and clarify the unknowns to help you find the right legal framework to protect your ideas.

The team that's as excited about your big ideas as you are.

We're lawyers, but we love working with people

Engaging a lawyer to help safeguard your idea and create something scalable and investable doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We love working with people and make the process easy and enjoyable.

Patenteur makes it easy to keep your IP safe

Your success is our success, and we thrive on the collaborative nature of the intellectual property space. We’ll work with you to make patenting or trade marking your ideas simple. You bring the idea, and we’ll protect it with the right legal expertise.

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If you’d like to learn more or get things started to get the protection of Intellectual Property rights to safeguard your uniqueness, the first step is to book an initial consultation appointment with us.