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Get the right trade mark advice to protect your brand

Your brand is your identity. Protecting it with the right trade marks is essential to maintain a competitive edge in the market. At Patenteur, we offer expert trade mark advice to protect your brand from potential infringements and any confusion in the marketplace. Our experienced trade mark lawyers are here to guide you through the process to make it easy and give you the confidence you need to smash your business goals.

Here's why

Trade marks matter.

A trade mark is more than just a logo or a name – it’s a powerful tool that distinguishes your products or services from the competition. Trade marks provide legal protection and help build brand recognition and customer trust. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, securing the right trade marks is important for your long-term success.

Protecting your business’ intellectual property with a trade mark is good business. Statistics suggest that businesses who protect their IP see better success and resilience in the long run.

We give you comprehensive trade mark advice

Trade mark law can be complex, but our team at Patenteur is here to make it straightforward. We offer you comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs. We’ll cover everything from initial consultations to detailed trade mark strategies. 

We'll help you understand what can be trade marked, how to choose the right trade marks, and how you can protect them effectively.

After trade mark search?

Before filing for a trade mark, conducting a thorough search is essential to ensure your proposed trade mark is unique and not already in use. Our Trade Mark Search service helps you avoid potential conflicts and gives your application a competitive edge.

After trade mark legal services?

When it comes to filing and defending your trade mark, having a knowledgeable trade mark lawyer on your side is invaluable. Our trade mark legal services provide you with the legal representation and advice you need to navigate the entire process, ensuring your trade marks are powerful and enforceable.

Why choose Patenteur?

Real-world intellectual property experience

With decades of experience in Intellectual Property law, our team offers unmatched expertise in trade mark advice. We've worked with businesses of all sizes and across a full range of industries to provide practical and strategic guidance tailored to each client's unique needs.

Director attention for every client​

Every client at Patenteur receives dedicated attention from our team of trade mark specialists. We take the time to understand your brand and business goals, ensuring our advice is aligned with your vision and goals for your brand.

Experienced IP lawyers and innovators​

We're not just lawyers. We've been where you are, as innovators and entrepreneurs, too. We understand the challenges and opportunities of building a brand and are passionate about helping you succeed with the right trade mark.

We’re people too, and we act like it

Our clients often tell us how much they appreciate our approachable and relatable style. We make complex legal matters easy to understand. And we genuinely care about your success.

Your success is our success​

At Patenteur, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Your brand's success is our success, and we're committed to helping you protect and grow it.

Brisbane, Perth & all across the globe

With offices in Brisbane and Perth, we’re well-placed to help Australian businesses protect their trade marks. Our reach extends globally, too. We’re here to assist clients from all over the world.

Book an initial consultation now to protect your competitive edge

If you’d like to learn more or get things started to get the protection of Intellectual Property rights to safeguard your uniqueness, the first step is to book an initial consultation appointment with us.